Aims and Scope

The Annals of Animal Resource Sciences or Ann. Anim. Resour. Sci. (AARS) in abbreviation, which was launched by Institute of Animal Resources, Kangwon National University in 1990, is published as Korea Citation Index (KCI). Journal four times (March, June, September and December) a year beginning from March, 2017. AARS accepts original research articles, short communications, and reviews in the field of animal resource sciences.

All manuscripts as well as correspondences should be sent to the office of Institute of Animal Resources, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Korea (TEL: +82-33-250-7227, FAX: +82-33-259-5745, E-mail: Manuscripts must be clearly and concisely written in Korean or English. The title, abstract, and references should be written in English. All manuscripts submitted to AARS are evaluated by two peer reviewers. The URL address of AARS is where full text is available. AARS is also indexed in Korea Citation Index (KCI).


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