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ISSN : 1225-2964(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3317(Online)
Annals of Animal Resource Sciences Vol.25 No.1 pp.1-6

두록 품종에서의 부계 선발지수 개발을 위한 형질별 가중치에 따른 유전적 개량량의 변화

고대영, 최태정, 최연호, 김시동, 박병호, 조충일, 조광현, 이승수, 최재관*
농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원

Changes in Genetic Potentials According to the Weights for Terminal Sire Index in Duroc Breed

Jaegwan Choi*, Daeyoung Koh, Taejeong Choi, Yunho Choy, Sidong Kim, Byoungho Park, Chungil Cho, Kwanghyun Cho, Seungsoo Lee
Animal Breeding and Genetics Division, National Instituete of Animal Science, R.D.A.
(Received 16 October 2013, Revised 09 June 2014, Accepted 10 June 2014)


The objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters on days to 90 kg body weight andultrasound measured traits (back fat thickness, eye muscle area, retail cut percentage) and predict geneticprogress when the weights for selection on the paternal traits of Duroc, which can be incorporated into sireline selection indexes. A simulation program, ZPLAN+, was used for the simulation. Genetic parameters ofdays to 90 kg body weight (D90KG), back fat thickness (BFT), eye muscle area (EMA) and retail cutpercentage (RCP) used in the simulation were estimated from 27,972 heads of farm tested Duroc pigs from2005 to July, 2012. Parameters of simulation used genetic parameters with parturition rates, ratios of test pigsand replacement rates that were dependent on selection protocols of simulated farms. Different weights ofselection for traits of days to 90 kg and backfat thickness were compared. Estimates of heritability were 0.406,0.355, 0.159 and 0.379 for D90KG, BFT, EMA and RCP, respectively. Genetic correlation of D90KG with BFT,EMA and RCP were –0.043, 0.049 and 0.021, respectively. Genetic correlation of BFT with EMA and RCPwere –0.394 and –0.937. And genetic correlation between EMA with RCP were 0.524. Simulation resultshowed that index weight of 3:1 on D90KG and BFT was effective to shorten days to 90 kg without anysignificant changes in backfat thickness. Generally the genetic changes were greater as parturition rate andratios of test pigs increased. Increase in replacement rate had a small effect on genetic changes in negativeway. Thus, we recommend that index weight of 3:1 on days to 90 kg and backfat thickness could be utilizedfor sire line selection.