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ISSN : 1225-2964(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3317(Online)
Annals of Animal Resource Sciences Vol.27 No.3 pp.152-158

Growth Curve Parameters for Body Weight by Sex in Korean Native Goat

Sung-Soo Lee1, Sang-Woo Kim1, Kwan-Woo Kim1, Hae-Yeol Cho1, Chang-Yeon Cho1, Seong-Heum Yeon1, Tae Jeong Choi2*
1Animal Genetic Resources Research Center, National Institute of Animal Science, RDA, Namwon 55717, Korea
2Rural Development Administration, JeonJu 54875, Korea
*Corresponding author: Tae Jeong Choi, Rural Development Administration, JeonJu 54875, Korea. Tel: +82-63-238-0177, E-mail:


This study was conducted to estimate growth curve parameters by sex in Korean native Goat. Weight-age data from 148 male goats and 169 female goats raised at Animal Genetic Resources Research Center in Korea were used in this study. Growth curve parameters were estimated from nonlinear regression using Gompertz and Logistic models. Mature weight (A) and growth rate (k) of male goats were 50.0 kg, and 0.0038, respectively, when Gompertz model was used. They were 47.9 kg and 0.0062, respectively, when Logistic model was used. In female goats, Mature weight (A) and growth rate (k) were 35.8 kg and 0.0030, respectively, when Gompertz model was used. They were 34.6 kg and 0.0046 when Logistic model was used. The goodness of fit determined by R2 was higher in the Gompertz model than that in the Logistic model. The growth curve functions estimated from the Gompertz model in Korean-native male and female goats were Wt = 50.0 ×e-2.45×e-0.0035×t and Wt = 35.8 × e-2.00 ×e-0.0030 ×t , respectively. The inflection point (t1) showed that the maximum growth rate and the weight at inflection (Wti) estimated from the Gompertz model were 234.8 days and 18.37 kg, respectively, in male goats. They were 235.7 days and 13.16 kg, respectively, in female goats. The growth pattern of Korean-native goats obtained from this study might be useful for determining their feeding and management plans by sex and design breeding strategies.

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