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ISSN : 1225-2964(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3317(Online)
Annals of Animal Resource Sciences Vol.31 No.4 pp.117-123

Effect of IgY and Bacillus Subtilis Probiotics on the Prevention and Improvement of Diarrhea of Hanwoo Calf

Young-Han Jo1, Yeon-Soo Park3, Young-Han Song2*
1Graduate Student, 2Professor, College of Animal Life Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, 24341, Korea
3Researcher, Gangwon Province Livestock Technology Research Institute, Hoengseong, 25266, Korea
*Corresponding author: Young Han Song, Department of Animal Science, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Korea. Tel: +82-33-250-8617, E-mail:


This study aimed to investigate the effects of probiotic treatment with IgY and Bacillus subtilis complex on diarrhea and weight gain in Hanwoo calves. Bacillus and E. coli levels were measured in the feces of calves post probiotic administration. Subsequently, calves with diarrhea were divided into two groups. The total and daily weight gain was measured in 23 calves after three months of suckling and divided into three groups. In Test 1, Bacillus was detected of the control group constantly at 104 CFU/g; a statistically significant difference was observed between the treatment and the control groups on the 1st and 3rd day (p<0.05) but not on the 7th day, confirming that the Bacillus subtilis survived in the intestine only until the 7th day. The treatment and control groups in Test 2 did not show any significant difference in the E. coli levels. However, comparison of changes in the E. coli levels showed a decreased of 6.39×108±9.80×108 CFU/g in the control group increase by 1.54×109±2.16×109 CFU/g, and, a decrease by 1.47×109±2.20×109 CFU/g; a decrease of by 4.20×107±3.90×108 CFU/g was observed in the treated group, an increase by 7.19×108±2.04×109 CFU/g, anda a decrease by 9.22×108±1.79×109 CFU/g. The changes in, control group were more rapid than in the treatment group. Therefore we hypothesize that probiotics inhibit E. coli growth. A concurrent improvement in weight gain was observed following probiotic administration. The IgY and Bacillus subtilis probiotics complex used in this study can be effectively used for the prevention and treatment of calf diarrhea.

IgY 및 Bacillus subtilis 의 복합첨가제 급여가 한우 송아지의 장내미생물 및 증체에 미치는 개선 효과

조영한1, 박연수3, 송영한2*
강원대학교 동물생명과학대학 대학원생1, 교수2, 강원도 축산기술연구소 연구원3