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ISSN : 1225-2964(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3317(Online)
Annals of Animal Resource Sciences Vol.33 No.1 pp.23-31

Effects of Toy Provision and Shape on Stress Related Abnormal Behaviors of Finishing Pigs

Doo-Hwan Kim1*, Duck-Min Ha2, Jeong-Cheol Han2 and Tae-Hwan Park3
1Professor, 2Researcher, 3Graduate Student, Division of Animal Science, Agri-Food Bio Convergence Institute,Gyeongsang National University, Jinju 52725, Korea


This study was conducted to investigate the potential of toy provision for stress reduction, welfare improvement and toy preference in finishing pigs. Toy shape was expected to exert effects on stress related behaviors including fighting, bothering, and feed competition. Three different toy shapes (i.e. square, round, and oval) were given to groups of finishing pigs. A no toy control group was also included. The duration and frequency of abnormal behaviors and use time for toy preference were compared among groups. The duration and frequency of stress related behaviors was higher (p<0.01) among the non-toy-using finishing pigs on 20 minutes and 118 times than 16 minutes and 57 times of toy-using finishing pigs. Toy shape exerted no significant effects, however, toy use displayed a clear ability to reduce stress related behaviors among finishing pigs. Toy use time and shape both displayed no clear effect on the duration of stress related behaviors. These behaviors were most frequently displayed in the afternoons when the finishing pigs become most active, and were not affected by toy shape. Overall, the square shaped toy was used much longer (9.7 hours) and more frequently (566 times) in a 24 hour period by the finishing pigs (p<0.01). In conclusion, providing toys to finishing pigs reduces stress and stress related behaviors. This finding is expected to positively impact welfare and improve finishing pig productivity. Square shaped toys were most preferred by the finishing pigs, therefore adopting toys with square features is recommended.

장난감 제공과 장난감 모양이 비육돈의 스트레스 관련 이상행동에 미치는 영향

김두환1* · 하덕민2 · 한정철2 · 박태환3
경상국립대학교 축산과학부, 농식품바이오융복합연구원 교수1, 연구원2, 대학원생3