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ISSN : 1225-2964(Print)
ISSN : 2287-3317(Online)
Annals of Animal Resource Sciences Vol.33 No.4 pp.129-139

Impact of an Enzyme-Based Immune-Booster Supplement on Performance, Antioxidant Status, Immune System, and Intestinal Integrity of Broiler Chickens Fed Corn-Soybean-Based Diet

Anushka Lokhande1, Santosh Ingale3, JunYoung Mun1, Jin Soo Kim2*
1Graduate Students, 2Professor, Department of Animal Industry Convergence, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Korea
3Manager, Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd., 400-604 Thane, India


This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of ImmunoSEB as an immune-booster additive on the performance of broiler chicks. A total of 1150 broiler chickens were randomly allotted to three treatments on the basis of body weight (10 pens per treatment with 40 broilers in each pen): the control (CON), CON + ImmunoSEB 0.025% in feed (SEB25), and CON + ImmunoSEB 0.050% in feed (SEB50). The experiment was conducted for d 42 in three phases (phase 1, d 0–14; phase 2, d 15–28; and phase 3, d 29–42). There were significant differences in the average daily gain (ADG) and feed intake. The ADG at d 14 in the SEB50 treatment was greater than that in the CON treatment. The overall ADG in the SEB50 treatment was greater than that in the CON treatment. During d 0–14, the feed intake of chickens in the SEB50 treatment increased compared to that in the CON treatment. The crude protein and lysine digestibility improved in the SEB25 and SEB50 treatments compared to those in the CON treatment at d 28. Superoxide dismutase concentration significantly increased in the SEB50 treatment compared to that in the CON treatment. The interleukin-1β and tumor necrosis factor-α concentrations were higher in the cecum of chickens in the CON treatment than in the SEB25 and SEB50 treatments. A lower population of E. coli was detected in the ileum and cecum of broilers fed the SEB50 diet compared to those of broilers fed the CON diet. The overall result showed the beneficial effects of using ImmunoSEB at a dose of 0.050% in broiler chickens.

효소제 기반 면역증강제가 육계의 성장, 항산화 지수, 면역 활성 및 장 건강에 미치는 영향